Evan G.

Jake was an excellent realtor who made us feel supported through every step of this process while fully taking into account our needs and requests. Jake was very responsive and worked with us on scheduling around our busy schedules. He is a personable guy that provided valuable insight and information about the entire home buying process. We never felt pressured to go above and beyond our budget and he worked with us on finding options while staying within our means. I would definitely recommend Jake to others looking for a relatively relaxed experience (as much as it can be in this market) and someone who seems to care for you as people not just clients.

Jackie Wilson

Jake did such a great job explaining all the nuances of buying a new build. He checked on all aspects of the process and kept us apprised of details on a regular basis. I truly couldn’t imagine navigating this journey without him!

Justing Jacobs

Jake has been such an amazing resource during our first-time home buying process. Jake has been the most responsive and thoughtful person during this crazy experience, and I can't recommend him enough. With Jake's help, my wife and I purchased our dream home in a highly sought-after neighborhood. Although I didn't know Jake before we met 2 months ago at the start of this process, he is now a very good friend. I will for sure use Jake's services in the future. Thanks Jake!!

Roger Wilson

Jake was tenacious in finding the right home for us in the wild Colorado/Denver market. He helped us identify what we really wanted/needed. Which is a new home in a 55+ community. You too, can put your confidence in Jake to get you the home of your dreams.

Ryan McCauley

We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor than Jake. Period.

My partner and I had never purchased a property before and were clueless about the house buying process when we started.

However, from the moment we began working with Jake, he was kind, patient, honest, and knowledgeable. He spent extra time walking us through every contract detail, explaining what different real estate jargon meant, and asking questions to help us get consistently savvier at navigating the process ourselves. I was regularly impressed at how he could listen in a way that honored each of our unique perspectives while asking thoughtful, intentional questions to narrow in on what we were looking for. I regularly felt informed, supported, and empowered to drive the decision making along the way.

Throughout the experience, Jake supported us through a number of roller coaster moments but the most pivotal was when we went under contract on a house only to discover challenging structural issues during the inspection (leading us to ultimately terminate the contract). What could have been a truly devastating experience is one I will look back on with gratitude because of Jake. His ability to calmly outline options, advocate on our behalf, and create space for us to process the best path forward while feeling heard, understood, and cared for is something that was unparalleled. Additionally, the hope he instilled in us to keep moving forward is the reason we went under contract on our dream house a mere two weeks later (even beating out a competing cash offer due to his strategic thinking and communication).

Overall, in the less than three months we worked with Jake, not only did we find a home that we love, but we also gained a trusted friend who taught us how to confidently navigate the real estate market for the future.